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My Story

shawn-alford.jpgMy Name is Shawn, Owner of I joined the 4Life distributor team in 1999. The Transfer Factor Plus product changed the course of my Mothers health. My mother was diagnosed with a serious health challenge and Transfer Factor Plus supported her immune system and helped her health.

Someone introduced me to Transfer Factor and after I studied it, similarly to what you are doing now, I knew she had to take it to support her immune system.  After taking Transfer Factor for 8 weeks, she was out of bed and back to work.  

I joined with 4Life because I wanted to share this amazing product line with others.   I was not interested in the business, but I also knew then that I needed to share these products with as many people as I could. I lost my corporate job in late 2008, and I still did not see 4Life as a business opportunity that could save me.  I looked for a job for over a year and filed bankruptcy in 2009, losing everything.  One would think that I would finally see the 4Life business as an opportunity... NO I didn't.  Finally, one of the first distributors that I enrolled in this business asked me "Why is it that you don't believe in this opportunity after all that you taught me about the benefits of the product and the residual income?"  This was a question that I could not ignore.  The answer was that I believed that the definition of success was that you go to college get a good degree, get hired in a good corporate company and work your way up.  4Life did not fit this path.  But I made a commitment that I would focus on 4Life and give it a try.  In about 3 years I replaced my corporate income and never looked back.

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