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Preferred Customer Benefit

Order from 4Life Direct and receive:

        Wholesale Prices direct from 4Life - A Savings of 25% from Retail. (no membership required)

Enroll as a Preferred Customer and receive AMAZING BENEFITS.

1.  Receive an additional INSTANT DISCOUNT OF 25% BELOW WHOLESALE*! (*based on point value of product)

2.  Eligible for the Loyalty Program

        a.  Loyalty customers receive 15% credit toward free product monthly

        b.  Loyalty customers receive a Free Product of the month with orders over 125 Points monthly.


Learn About Being a Preferred Customer - CLICK HERE


Learn About Loyalty - CLICK HERE


Preferred Customer Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much does it cost to become a Preferred Customer?
    All U.S. Preferred Customers are required to purchase an Enrollment Kit within the first month of enrollment. The Enrollment Kit costs $25.00 (plus shipping and tax) and can be purchased online, at an LP Center, or by calling customer service.
  • What is the 4Life Loyalty Program?
    The Loyalty Program is a monthly product subscription which allows you to earn 15% in Product Credits. You can redeem Product Credits for free 4Life products! If you maintain a 125 LP monthly Loyalty Program order, you qualify to receive the bonus product of the month.
  • Why should I buy an enrollment pack when I sign up?
    Enrollment packs offer the best value on products and they include an Enrollment Kit, which is required to be an active distributor.
  • What does LP mean?
    LP stands for Life Points, the point value assigned to each commissionable 4Life product. Life Points are converted to commissions based on the total point value of products sold by each distributor and his or her organization.