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Looking for more information about 4Life Transfer Factor products? You’re in the right place! We are extraordinarily proud of each of the proprietary blends we have created, from the revolutionary 4Life RiteStart Men’s and Women’s all-in-one supplements, to digestive enzyme supplements and probiotics that only continue to gain new fans. While we offer in-depth information about all our 4Life Transfer Factor products on their respective pages of our site, some important takeaways about All Natural Transfer Factor to consider are:

  • It is Not a Vitamin
  • It is Not a Mineral
  • It is Not an Herb  

So what is it exactly? Transfer Factor is named for the “immunity weapons” found in a nursing mother’s colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk that a mother produces for her newborn baby, and this milk is among the most valuable meals a child will ever have. All of the information that the mother’s immune system has ‘learned’ throughout her life is passed to her child through the colostrum, giving the child’s own immune system a priceless head start in keeping itself healthy and well-protected against invaders. While we can’t turn back time and ensure all of us gain the benefits of our own mother’s colostrum, 4Life Transfer Factor products offer the next best thing.


Our patented, licensed process allows us to extract cow colostrum to fortify our 4Life Transfer Factor products with immune-boosting benefits. By helping our bodies to gain immunity against the external threats that the cow it was drawn from has been exposed to in its lifetime, we are provided with a unique protection opportunity never before dreamed of.