Targeted Transfer Factor

Local health stores often stock general all-purpose supplements. Buying these supplements can become expensive, especially when they aren’t directly focused on your needs. understands this, and that’s why we offer Transfer Factor supplements with functions specific to your needs. Combining state-of-the-art technology with time-tested herbal elements, our targeted Transfer Factor products are perfect for anyone with a specific need.

Our targeted Transfer Factor products are created using transfer factor molecules filtered from the chicken egg. 4Life Research introduces specific antibodies into the egg while it is developing so that the egg will produce Transfer Factor specific to support a given immune system function within the body. Through this process we’re able to create such diverse products asTransfer Factor MalePro, a supplement to promote men’s health, Transfer Factor GluCoach, which supports healthy glucose levels and metabolic and endocrine systems, and 4Life Transfer Factor Cardio, a special formula that specifically supports the entire cardiovascular system. With so many options, we are positive you will find the perfect supplement for your body at!

  • Glutamine Prime by 4Life 25% Discount Glutamine Prime

    25% Discount Glutamine Prime

    Main Features • Supplies fuel to immune cells with glutamine, an important amino acid*• Enhances communication between immune cells with NanoFactor® extract for a more coordinated immune response when under stress*• Provides...

    $41.00 $31.00
  • KBU KIDNEY BLADDER URINARY TRACT 25% Discount Kidney - Bladder - Urinary Tract (KBU)

    25% Discount Kidney - Bladder - Urinary Tract (KBU)

    Main Features • Features certified 4Life Transfer Factor® to educate immune cells* • Supports the bladder with cleansing ingredients like cranberry, blueberry, lingonberry, and mannose* • Supports healthy kidney and urinary...

    $60.00 $45.00
  • 25% Discount Transfer Factor Cardio 25% Discount Transfer Factor Cardio

    25% Discount Transfer Factor Cardio

    Targeted Cardiovascular Support 4Life Transfer Factor Cardio combines powerful and proven ingredients to help support the entire cardiovascular system, featuring the immune support of Targeted Transfer Factor®.  Primary Benefits Harnesses...

    $68.00 $51.00
  • Transfer Factor Glucoach 25% Discount Transfer Factor GluCoach

    25% Discount Transfer Factor GluCoach

    Balance Sugar Levels and Balance Immune Response 4Life Transfer Factor GluCoach supports healthy glucose levels, and the metabolic and endocrine systems. In addition to Targeted Transfer Factor®, Glucoach includes minerals, herbs, and phytonutrients...

    $68.00 $51.00
  • 4life malepro for prostate 25% Discount Transfer Factor MalePro

    25% Discount Transfer Factor MalePro

    Maintaining Prostate Health 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro works by promoting healthy prostate, reproductive, and urinary function. It combines the immune-supporting benefits of Targeted Transfer Factor® technology with saw palmetto, pygeum...

    $60.00 $45.00
  • Transfer Factor Recall 25% Discount Transfer Factor Recall

    25% Discount Transfer Factor Recall

    Heighten Your Mental Acuity 4Life Transfer Factor ReCall is designed to give your brain the critical support it needs. This complete formula promotes healthy immune and oxygen functions. It supports the brain's ability to operate at a more efficient...

    $63.00 $47.00
  • TRANSFER FACTOR REFLEXION 25% Discount Transfer Factor Reflexion

    25% Discount Transfer Factor Reflexion

    A proprietary blend that promotes relaxation, improved mood, and the ability to focus during occasional stress*Primary support: Sleep, Mood, & Stress*Secondary support: Brain Health*   • Enhances your ability to cope with the daily...

    $55.00 $41.00
  • TRANSFER FACTOR BELLE VIE BY 4LIFE 25% Discount Transfer-Factor-Belle-Vie

    25% Discount Transfer-Factor-Belle-Vie

    Proactive Science For Health and Beauty 4Life Transfer Factor Belle Vie offers targeted support that goes beyond the ordinary with scientifically formulated compounds to promote female system health in women. It combines a blend of herbal antioxidants,...

    $61.00 $46.00
  • Transfer Factor Vista 25% Discount Transfer-Factor-Vista

    25% Discount Transfer-Factor-Vista

    A targeted formula to support optimal eye health There is not another product like Transfser Factor Vista to enhance eye support.  4Life is always on the leading edge of science and technology to develop products like Transfer Factor Vista that...

    $63.00 $47.00
  • 4life transform renuvo Transfer Factor Renuvo

    Transfer Factor Renuvo

    4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo™ is formulated to promote a more youthful and healthy response to the physiological stresses of life—whatever generally kicks your body out of balance. * Whether it’s exercise, work, aging, poor sleeping or eating habits, or...

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