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Transfer Factor History

dr-sherwood.jpgIn 1949, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence discovered that when you transfer blood to another person, some of the donor’s immunity is transferred to the receiving person. From this discovery, research began its journey through the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Scientists believed they had found that ultimate immune system and health enhancer. They believed that transfer factors would be the ultimate natural medicine. As technology increased, more and more was learned about the benefits of transfer factors. More than 3000 studies were conducted and $40 million (USA) was invested into research. Scientists from more than 60 countries were involved in this research. Two developments stopped this progress. First was the development of antibiotics. Antibiotics were inexpensive to manufacture. They were effective. Antibiotics took the show.

Another development was the contamination of the world’s blood supply. Up until this time, the only known source of transfer factors was derived from blood. Research stopped in its tracks.

In 1986, two hog scientists discovered that mothers passed down their transfer factors to their babies through the placenta and colostrum in order to give the baby’s immune system a chance to survive a hostile environment of pathogens. These scientists found the cows did the same thing. Often calves will not survive if for some reason they do not receive the colostrum from the mother. Research began to move forward again. Antibiotics still reigned as king in the medical world. Many scientists that worked with transfer factors derived from blood didn’t think transfer factors from colostrum would work, so they didn’t enter the research.

Three events in history changed all of this. First, technology advanced. Secondly, germs began to become resistant to antibiotics. Third, 4Life Research created a large consumer base from which they derived a great deal of information about how transfer factors affected the health and immune systems of more than a million customers. Now research is exploding!

Every year and sometimes every month, something new is discovered about the effectiveness and roles of transfer factors. 4Life Research was the first to bring a line of Transfer Factor products to the market that contained transfer factors from cow colostrum. Next, their in-house scientists discovered that eggs contained transfer factors and the combination of the two increases their effectiveness by 185%. Transfer factors from colostrum and eggs were found to be actually superior to transfer factors from humans. Animals live in the wild while humans try to keep sterile. Animal transfer factors have hundreds of years of more exposure creating a more functional transfer factor.

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