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All over the world, people are reaping the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor. Transfer Factor has been revolutionizing the way we think about immune system supplements. Rather than rely on vitamins and minerals, the scientists at Transfer Factor have pioneered a unique and groundbreaking formula that not only boosts your immune system but also teaches the body’s immune system to quickly recognize and fight harmful bodily threats. Our scientists have applied this formula to a wide range of supplements, each designed to target specific ailments and concerns.It doesn’t matter what part of your body you would like to improve; has the right product for you. Our popular 4Life Transfer Factor Plus supplement represents the most aggressive and highest level of immune system support. What makes this product so effective is the immune intelligence of Transfer Factor E-XF™ combined with the immune intuition of NanoFactor™ molecules. If you are a man looking to improve your body’s own protection against male-related health issues, our Transfer Factor MalePro supplement is the best choice on the market today. No matter what health issue you’d like to address and improve, has the right supplements for you!We are independent distributors of 4Life transfer factor and offering wholesale prices. We have provided service for 4Life products to thousands of customers over the past 19 years! We ship the same day (see cutoff times) and believe that outstanding service defines who we are and our success over the years. Your loyalty is the most important aspect of our business!


Discovery and Innovation

We are the resource for Transfer Factor Plus, from 4Life Research (the immune system company). For more than a 19 years, 4Life Research has led the industry in immune system innovation and discovery with Transfer Factor as the flagship product and we have been selling products online for 10 years with them as well. It all began with David Lisonbee studying the revolutionary molecules in your own body called transfer factors and nanofractions. These tiny molecules have the ability to provide immune support or immune system balancing. These molecules have the unique ability to both raise and lower your immune response as is necessary. A strong immune system is important, but an over reactive immune system is dangerous.

What Are Transfer Factors4Life Chief Executive Officer David Lisonbee came across a patent for the extraction of transfer factors in 1996. Transfer factors are molecules found within the immune systems of all mammals and birds. Better known the memory molecules,transfer factors serve as important components of the immune system for your entire life. Immune system cells only live for about 30-35 days and then are replaced with new ones. All new immune cells have to be educated and that is exactly what Transfer Factor (TF) does.

4Life licensed the patent to extract transfer factors from cow colostrum in 1998. In the following years, 4Life launched new products, stabilized transfer factors in liquid form RioVida they patented the extraction of transfer factors from chicken egg yolks (evian source), and combined the two sources for a truly amazing formula. As a matter of fact you will not find another liquid supplement that boosts the immune system and provides the antioxidant support all in one. RioVida with Acai berry is the only supplement that has both components.

Transfer Factor Nanofractions

Scientists have known that smaller molecules than Transfer Factor existed within colostrum, but they never determined if they had any immune activity. David Lisonbee and the 4Life Research and Development team isolated these nanofraction molecules in 1997, tested them, and determined their potential to support the immune system.

Nanofractions are very small light weight molecules found in the immune systems of certain mammals and birds. They function as part of the immune system that controls and commands evrything and are a significant part of our functioning immune system. Without the assistance of Nanofractions, our immune systems would be lost.

4Life Transfer Factor and nanofractions transfer immune memory, knowledge, and wisdom from one to another. The two places to find the most Transfer Factor and safest sources for 4Life Transfer Factor and nanofractions are cow colostrum and egg yolks from the chicken. Yes, the chicken... Why? Because a chicken has to place all of the immune memory into its egg yolk for the chick since it does not breast feed like other mamels. This is unique, but just as powerful as the source of transfer factor from colostrum. Remember, because these molecules are not species-specific, we can benefit from the knowledge gained by these animals during their lifetimes by transferring that knowledge from their immune cells to ours.

How does the TransferFactor Molecule work?

They may be very tiny in size, but transfer factors and nanofractions can make a huge impact on the immune system.


Work Smart:

Your immune system depends on information. It needs to know and be educated specifically that there is a problem and how to deal with the problem. The molecules of Transfer Factor educate your immune system with the specifics and keep your immune system informed and ready to respond.


Work With Speed:

Transfer Factor helps your immune system act quickly, keeping your immune system in top fighting form.


Work Effectively:

Transfer Factor teaches your immune system; it tracks the invaders you have come in contact with in the past and how your body dealt with them in the past. This history of combat helps your immune system respond quickly and effectively to each new contact as it comes along. Do your research here in the research section and you will find the answers to your questions and concerns on your own or give us a call at 213-800-3334 At any time we are happy to assist you if you would like to call us.

We carry a full line of products including tranfser factor, transfer factor classic, RioVida transfer factor plus, transfer factor tri-factor, transfer factor cardio, formerly known as cardio formula, transfer factor recall, formerly known as recall formula, riovida, transfer factor kids, transfer factor advanced, transfer factor chewable, as well as other 4Life products.

We have the best health and wellness products including shapefast without ephedra, fibre system plus, a great colon cleanse. Many of the 4Life products are very similar to those you have seen on TV for example the fibre system plus which is a colon cleanse and the aci berry supplement that we call riovida.

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